11 Fur-roar-cious Dinosaur Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Looking for a dog Halloween costume that is both cute and fur-ocious? These Dinosaur Halloween Costumes for Dogs are Dino-mite. Stand back and watch them roar!

Triceratops Dinosaur Dog Costume

We think everyone has a little dinosaur inside just dying to get out.

This dinosaur Halloween dog costume is perfect for your little hard-headed pup.

T-Rex Dinosaur Dog Costume

This little T-rex is licensed to carry small arms.

The dinosaur Halloween dog costume is for your pup with the big roar.

Velociraptor Dinosaur Dog Costume

They have us “raptor” round our fingers. 

We love these dinosaur Halloween dog costumes for the clever ones.

Stegosaurus Dinosaur Dog Costume

Does your pup have a spiky personality?

This stegosaurus dinosaur dog costume makes our hearts “saur”.

Brontosauraus Dinosaur Dog Costume

This plush brontosaurus dinosaur dog costume is perfect for the herbivorous pup.

Pterodactyl Dinosaur Dog Costume

Dinosaur puns are pteroble but we still love these pterodactyl wings for small dogs.

The wings are made of felt and won’t collapse.

Scaled Skin Dinosaur Dog Costume

Jurassic times call for Jurassic measures!

These little spiky ones with lizard-designed skin have us slitherin.

Plush Dinosaur Dog Costume

It’s hard to be scared of these plush little dinosaurs.

The roar is worse than the bite with these ones.

Crocheted Dinosaur Dog Snoods

Spoil, pamper, and show off your fur baby even more by making them this beautifully textured dog snood!

These crocheted dinosaur snoods are a level-up!

Toy Story Dinosaur Dog Costume

I’m going for fearsome here, but I just don’t feel it!

The nervous Rex will be a hit at your party!


Godzilla Dog Costume

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