11 Puppy Dog Halloween Costumes for Babies & Toddlers

It's a double combo of cuteness with dog Halloween costumes for babies & toddlers. Discover puppy costumes for baby including snuggly onesies that deliver not only warmth but cuteness for your trick or treating adventures and also cute crochet'd hats & bottoms for your Halloween pictures.

Puppy Dog Costume for Babies

The ulti-mutt in cuteness. This plush puppy onesie will keep your pumpkin warm & cuddly.

Crochet Puppy Costume for Babies

These sweet little crochet tops & bottoms come in a variety of colors. Puppy maddness!

Brown Puppy Costume for Toddler

This super-soft puppy costume will be the your toddlers favorite.

Snoopy Costume for Baby

Snoopy is here to welcome you to The Great Pumpkin Patch.

Dalmatian Costume for Baby

This furry dalmatian pup will set hearts a fire.

Dalmatian Costume for Toddler

Another cutie dalmatian for your toddler to hit the spot for Halloween cuteness.

Sheep Dog Costume for Toddler

This shaggy sheep dog is the ultimate in fur fashion.

Fluffy Puppy Costume for Toddler

A soft cuddly puppy is always a favorite.

Black/White Puppy Costume for Toddler

This black and white puppy will get lots of treats this Halloween.

Clifford the Red Dog Costume for Toddler

A child’s classic favorite, Clifford the Red Dog, is a familiar friend for Halloween.

Hot Dog Costume for Baby

A cute hot dog is the perfect snuggle BUNting to keep your baby warm during trick-or-treating.

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