18 Adorable Puppy Halloween Costumes

Looking for puppy Halloween costumes? We found some good ones. It's a ruff life being as cute as these puppies dressed up in their costumes.

Ewok Puppy Costumes

Straight from Endor, this Ewok puppy costume may be the cutest in the bunch for your puppy.

Lion Puppy Costumes

With this lion mane, your puppy will be as FUR-ocious as Simba

This entire pride is ready for Halloween.

Panda Puppy Costumes

This puppy costume is BEAR-y cute.

Did you know… On Halloween, pandas scare each other by shouting bam-BOO!

Devil Puppy Costumes

The perfect costume for your puppy if he’s been a little devil.

Witch way to the treats?

Shark Puppy Costumes

Shark alert! A perfect puppy costume as long as you are not going to the beach!

Teddy Bear Puppy Costumes

Which is cuddlier – a teddy bear or a puppy? 

Your puppies cuddliness will be doubled in these teddy bear puppy costumes.

Pirate Puppy Costumes

To err is human, to arrrr is PIRATE, to arrrfff is PIRATE DOG.

Watch your treats, these pirates will steal your booty.

Frog Puppy Costumes

Your prince may be just one kiss away when you dress your puppy up in this little froggie costume.

Kiss this cute little frog and find out!

Bumble Bee Puppy Costumes

This puppy will be buzzing with this bumblebee costume.

No stings, just lots of licks!


Dragons Puppy Costumes

Become Khaleesi, the mother of dragons, with a few pups and these fur-ocious puppy costumes.

With them at your side, you can made everyone… BEND THE KNEE !

Bat Puppy Costumes

We’re batty over these batwings to add Halloween spirit to your dog’s attire.


Crocodile Puppy Costumes

See you later alligator!

This alligator puppy costume is great for little puppies who slink across the floor.

Pig Puppy Costumes

A hit for your pug puppy or any other puppy that enjoys sniffing around and loves treats.

This little piggy puppy costume will be the cutest at the paw-ty.

No products found.

Chicken Puppy Costumes

Transform your puppy into an inquisitive chicken with this plush puppy costume.

Pumpkin Puppy Costumes

 The cutest pumpkin in the patch. 

You can’t go wrong with this traditional Halloween pumpkin hat for your puppy.

Spiderman Puppy Costumes

Ready for the superheroes?

My Spidey Senses are tingling. There’s danger around the corner.

It’s time to suit your pup up in this adorable spidey puppy costume. 

Batman Puppy Costumes

Turn on the bat-signal.

Your dog will transform into the Dark Knight to protect Gotham City from evildoers with this Batman puppy costume.

We need this batman at the pup party.


Superman & Supergirl Puppy Costumes

No Kryptonite in sight!

After a quick change behind the fire hydrant, these pups are ready to save National City with their Superman and Supergirl puppy costumes. 

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