20 Superhero Dog Costumes for Halloween

The God of Frolic! These Superhero Dog Costumes for Halloween highlight the heroic qualities that our dogs show every day - a lot of love, bravery and determination.

SuperDog Superhero Dog Costume

There is a superhero inside all of us. We just need the courage to put on the cape!

SuperDog to the rescue.

Batman, Robin & Villains Superhero Dog Costumes

I’m not saying your dog is Batman, but have you ever seen him and Batman in the same place?

The whole Gotham City gang is here with these Halloween Dog Costumes.

Superman & Supergirl Hallowen Dog Costumes

With great power, comes great responsibility. – Spiderman

These Superman and Supergirl Dog Halloween costumes are the ultimate Superhero Costumes for your dog.

Wonderwoman Dog Halloween Costume

This pup is Wonder Woman.

She wonders where she left her bone, her ball, her favorite toy.

This costume is perfect for the wonderful girl pup in your life.

Thor & Loki Superhero Dog Costumes

“I am Loki, of Asgard, and I am burdened with glorious purpose.” ~ Loki

Celebrate Norse mythology with these Thor and Loki Halloween Dog Costumes.

The Incredible Hulk Dog Costume

This dog put the incredible in The Incredible Hulk… just don’t make him angry.

Captain America Dog Costume

“I can do this all day”
~ Captain America

America’s Superhero to the rescue.

The Flash Dog Costume

He moved at the speed of light, especially when any food hits the floor!

The Flash Dog Halloween Costume is the one for your lightning fast dog.

Spiderman Dog Costume

More than your friendly neighborhood spiderman!

This Spiderman dog costume will weave a web of laughs this Halloween.

Black Panther Superhero Dog Costume

It is hard for a good dog to be a king, but easy for a great dog to be a legend.

Wakanda forever.

Green Lantern Superhero Dog Costume

Sorry I’m late! There’s water…from the tap!”
~ Hal Jordan

If you dog can create constructs of mind control, this Green Lantern Halloween dog costume  has his name on it.

Ironman Superhero Dog Costume

“Contrary to popular belief, I know exactly what I am doing.”
~ Tony Stark

Is your dog as smart as an engineer?

Your canine will have super-canine strength with this dog costume.

Wolverine Superhero Dog Costume

Does your dog have super-canine strength and reflexes, enhanced senses and tracking abilities, and special healing power that also slows his aging?

This Wolverine Halloween dog costume is a fit for your dog.


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