Dog Christmas Costumes & Outfits

Celebrate the most festive holiday of the year with your dog in these adorable dog Costumes. From Santa, elves and snowmen, there is a costume for every dog's personality in the selection.

Funny Dog Christmas Costume with Arms

These hilarious dog Christmas costumes with arms will be the hit of the holiday season. The attached faux arms will wiggle as your dog walks giving the upright appearance of these Santas and Elves.

Santa Christmas Dog Costumes

Here comes Santa Claus! Our dogs bring us gifts every day including sticks, balls and slobbery kisses.  So our course they take the roll of Gift giver in Chief on Christmas in these fun Santa costumes.

Elf Christmas Dog Costumes

These ELF dog costumes will highlight your dog’s playful personality. Choose from hat and shirts, sweaters to collars.

Reindeer Christmas Dog Costumes

These snuggly reindeer costumes not only add humor at Christmas time but keep your dog nice and warm.

Christmas Dog Hat Costumes

Fun and charming dog hats add Christmas fun to your dog’s walks and holiday photos!

Antlers Dog Costumes

These antlers are everything!  Pick a pair to match your dogs personality from the moose ones for XXL dogs to cute reindeer ones!

Santa Riding Reindeer Christmas Dog Costume

Santa Claus is coming to town thanks to Santa Paw with these costumes with Santa riding on top.

Snowman Christmas Dog Costume

Do you want to build a snowman? Choose from these adorable costumes that are more traditional or the Olaf version from the movie, Frozen.

Gingerbread Man Christmas Dog Costume

Do you have a speedy dog? This costume is perfect. 

As the song goes, “Run, run, run as fast as you can. You can’t catch me, I’m the Gingerbread Man!”

Festive Collars for Dogs

Looking for something simple? How about a festive dog collar to liven up your dog’s fashion during Christmas!

Christmas Tree Dog Costume

These adorable Christmas tree costumes will be very festive during the holidays.

Angel Dog Costume

Well, our dog’s no little angel, especially if we leave treats out, but these dog costumes will make them look angelic. A great costume if your dog is in the Christmas Nativity play.

Santa Baby / Mrs. Claus Dog Costume

Maria Carey will have nothing on your pup when you dress her up in these Santa Baby / Mrs. Claus Christmas dog costumes.

Nightmare before Christmas Dog Costumes

Take on Christmas in a alternative spooky fashion in these Nightmare before Christmas costumes including Jack Skellington, Zero and Sally.

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