Halloween Dog Costumes for Travelers

Travelers! Let's fly around the world with this international selection of Halloween costumes for dogs.

So many dog costume ideas inspired by travelers and countries around the world to add some international flair to your Halloween party!

Aviator Dog Costume

Never chase a tail unless it has a rudder.

This aviator dog costume will have your dog soarin’ to new heights.

Pilot Dog Costume

Are you a pilot? Cause you’re pretty fly to me.

This pilot costume is just plane awesome!

Indiana Jones Dog Costume

That’s Indiana BONES!

Fortune and glory kid. Fortune and glory to the pup in this dog costume.

Nora the Explorer Dog Costume

Everybody, let’s go! Come on, let’s get to it. I know that we can do it!

Nora the Explorer off to travel the world!

Mexico Dog Costume


This Day of the Dead and Mexican Serape costumes will bring the vibrant culture of Mexico to your dog’s festivities.

The chosen Juan.

England Dog Costume

Sherlock Bones on the cases.

Bring the British style to your pup’s attire with these plaid numbers.

Scotland Dog Costume

We’re kilt-y as charged. We love Scotland.

These plaid numbers bring the warmth & style for your pup on Halloween. 

Ireland Dog Costume

Kiss me I’m Irish!

These Leprechaun dog costumes will bring the luck of the Irish.

Japan Dog Costume

Dreaming of cherry blossom trees?

These dog costumes deliver Japanese traditional style for your dogs Halloween

China Dog Costume

These beautiful Chinese dog costumes highlight the beautiful fabric and colorful character of the Lion Dance Dog.

This Dancing Dragon costume is also great for Chinese New Year!

Korea Dog Costume

Your dog will be ready for a traditional occasion in this Korean Hanbok design.

Hawaii Dog Costume

You had me at Aloha!

We’ll take a side of beach with our morning doggie treat in these cute Hawaiian dog costumes.

Germany Dog Costume

We are feeling dirndl-icious today cause we’re posin’ with the lederhosen. It’s time for Oktoberfest with these Drindl and Lederhosen dog costumes.

Jamaica Dog Costume

This dog costume is for the dog that is Jamaican you crazy.

Italy Dog Costume

Does this toga make my gluteus look maximus?

Just like the ancient Romans, no underwear is needed for this Roman Dog Costume!

France Dog Costume

C’est la vie!

Your francophile needs this cute dog beret for his French fashion.

Brazil Showgirl Dog Costume

Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl and she’s living her best life at Copacabana!

Your little dog bombshell needs this diva-licious showgirl dog costume.

Africa Dog Costume

These African print hoodies and shirts bring vibrant colors and patterns to your dog’s fashionable life.

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