Hanukkah Dog Outfits & Costumes

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Hanukkah Dog Outfits & Costumes
Hanukkah Dog Outfits & Costumes

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Happy Paw-nukkah! Hannukah dog clothes & costumes will have your top in top form for the festival of lights.

We’ve rounded up a great selection of dog shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, bandanas, and more featuring Menorrah’s, Dreidels, and Jewish sayings for large dogs, small dogs and puppies.

Yarmulke & Tallis Dog Costume

Jewish Sayings & Hanukkah Dog Shirts

These dog shirts feature Jewish themes. The perfect shirt for the dog who steals your Matzo balls! 

More colors are available in most of these Amazon dog shirts.

Hanukkah Dog Hoodies & Sweatshirts

A little chillier in your part of the world?  Check out these Hannukah themed dog hoodies and sweatshirts for your celebrations.

Available from Amazon you can ensure quick shipping and delivery.

Hanukkah Dog Dresses

For the pooch who likes to dress it up, check out these Hanukkah dog dresses featuring Star of David and Menorrah’s in beautiful blue and white.

Hanukkah Dog Bandanas

A simple print Hanukkah dog bandana can add some style to your dog’s attire.

Jewish Sayings Dog Bandanas

These Hanukkah and Jewish sayings dog bandanas add some fun for the precocious pup – we’re looking at the donut testers!

Hanukkah Dog Decorative Collars

Decorative Hanukkah dog collars add a splash of blue and white to your dog’s neck.

Hanukkah Dog Collars

These Hanukkah dog collars can be worn all year round.

Hanukkah Dog Harnesses

Does your dog prefer a harness? These blue and white dog harnesses feature Jewish symbols and themes.

Hanukkah Dog Bow Ties

Dress up your dog on Passover with these Hanukkah bow ties.

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