Hanukkah Dog Toys

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Hanukkah Dog Toys
Hanukkah Dog Toys

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Muzzle-Tov! Grab a gift for your favorite Jewish dog from this selection of Hanukkah dog toys.

We’ve rounded up a great selection of dreidel dog toys, menorah dog toys, and a few fun dog toys – matzo balls and Mensch’s to keep your dog occupied during the Hanukkah celebrations.

Dreidel Plush Dog Toys

Let your dog in on this fun Hanukkah game. Spin the dreidel and bet on which Hebrew letter will be showing when the dreidel stops spinning.

Menorah Plush Dog Toys

These Hanukkah Menorah plush dog toys bring the light to your dogs playtime.

Star of David Plush Dog Toys

These Star of David plush dog toys bring the blue and white to playtime.

Matzo Ball Plush Dog Toys

Who doesn’t love Matzo Ball soup? These fun matzo ball plush dog toys will add humor to your next game of fetch with your dog.

Copa Judaica Plush Dog Toys

These Copa Judaica plush dog toys cover all the Jewish themes and sayings with fun plush dog toys.

Hanukkah Plush Dog Toys - Multi-pack

Has your dog been really good all year? Grab this multi-toy pack for all the Hanukkah fun.

Hanukkah Plush Toy Dog Bones

Every dog loves their bone.

Hanukkah Dog Rope Toys

These rope toys are great for active dogs with lots of energy on Hanukkah.

Hanukkah Dog Tennis Balls

These Hanukkah dog tennis balls feature Jewish sayings and symbols.

Oy Vey Dog Bowl

Enjoy little fun and humor with this “Oy Vey” dog bowl.

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