New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve

Ring in the New Year with your best fur friend!

Celebrate the end and the beginning with New Year’s Eve dog costumes, treats and toys.

Bark out the old and bark in the new!

New Year's Eve
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New Years Eve Dog Toys

New Year’s Eve Dog Toys

A new year calls for a new toy for your dog. These New Year’s Eve themed dog toys call for a celebration with champagne, libations and glow-in-the-dark toys for night-time fun.

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New Years Eve Dog Treats

New Year’s Eve Dog Treats

Celebrations call for dog treats… and we’ve elevated the selection with these special dog treats. Colorful cupcakes, sprinkles, macarons and truffles round out our selection for PAW-sitive start to the New Year for your dog.

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New Year's Eve Dog Safety

We love to celebrate the New Year with family, friends, and our dogs reflecting on the previous year and ringing in a brand new year. 

If you will be celebrating with your dogs, either in your home or at a celebration outside your home, it is important to make sure they have a safe time. 

Consider the following tips in mind when planning your New Year’s Eve celebration this year. 

Plan for Fireworks

Fireworks are a customary part of ringing in the New Year bringing a celebratory light and action to any event.  For dogs, the flash of lights and loud noises are often anything but celebratory. Some dogs don’t mind the fireworks, loud music, and New Year’s Eve revelry, but other dogs will be sent into a blind panic. 

First, take into account your dog. Does it like being around people and loud noises? 

If your dog is comfortable around louder noises and you plan on setting off fireworks or if you’ll be taking your dogs out to a local celebration that has them, make sure your pets are secure with a proper leash.  

If your dog is NOT comfortable with loud noises and/or larger crowds, you may want to consider either staying at home with your dog or leaving your dog at home. At your home, also think about creating a safe, comfortable place inside your home for your dog to get away from or not hear the booming sounds of fireworks. 

Dogs that are afraid of fireworks are likely to bolt when they go off, so your pets could end up getting lost if they’re outdoors at the time, either in public or bolting out of your backyard.

Safe Space

A closed-off area, such as a bedroom or closed-off family room, ensures that your dog won’t be able to get away or in trouble.

Make the area comfortable by using a space that your dog has been comfortable in before the big night. Adding in toys and treats will also give your dog some entertainment and comfort in his snug space.

Another element that will assist your dog is adding ambient noise ie a TV or music to drown out the fireworks.  Make sure your dog is comfortable with the music before the big day.

The “safe space” area is also a good idea to consider if you are having a party. All the noise and excitement may be too much for your dog. The dog may also get underfoot of guests who are not comfortable or aware of your dog’s presence leading to accidental injuries for your guests or your dog. 

We like to think all people are dog people, but when people are partying, they are not always considerate of dogs… or even other people.  Keep your dog’s safety and comfort in mind.

Up-to-Date Identification

The biggest risk on New Years Eve is that pets will get loose and become lost. 

Even if a pet is secured inside, the sound of noisemakers, gunfire, and fireworks can cause them to enter an extreme panic mode. They might find a way to wiggle out when a party goer open a door or on the extreme end break through glass windows.

Make sure your pets are licensed, microchipped and wearing identification tags. Updated information will ensure that you will be reunited with your dog more quickly should your dog run away or get lost.

Keep Alcohol & Human Snacks out of Reach

If you’re having a celebration at home or with friends, it’s important to make sure your dogs can’t reach any alcoholic drinks, chocolate, or other non-dog friendly treats.  Keep these items up high and away from your dog’s paws.

If your dogs will be roaming around your home during your party, keep a close eye on them to make sure they’re unable to get to any of your guests’ drinks or plates. 

Lastly, have some dog treats on hand for you dog so you they can enjoy some nibbles and hopefully not be as tempted by the New Year’s party drinks and plates.

Routine & Physical Activity

Another great way to prepare your dog for the New Year’s noise, fireworks and/or a party, is to keep the rest of the day normal so they will be in their routine. 

Adding activity is another great way to ensure your dog is ready to wind down in the evening.  With a vigorous walk or park time playing fetch, your dog may just sleep in the New Year.  We even found some glow-in-the-dark toys so you can play in the evening to get the zoomies out before the clock strike midnight.

Knowing that your pets are safe & secure makes it easier for you to enjoy spending time with friends and family on this holiday.  Keeping these dog safety tips in mind helps ensure that you are able to have a great New Year’s Eve celebration with your dog.