Irresistible Peanut Butter Dog Treats

What dog (or human) doesn't love peanut butter treats? Reward your pups with these irresistible peanut butter dog treats.

We’ve rounded up treats with real peanut butter in your dog’s favorite biscuits, chews, sticks, cups and pretzel bites. 

These will have your dog’s tail wagging and licking his chops.

SmartBones SmartBones Rawhide-Free Dog Chews, Made with Real Peanut Butter

NO RAWHIDE SmartBones(R) Chews are made with Real Chicken and Peanut Butter for a scrumptious taste dogs can’t resist!

This Peanut Butter treat not only taste great but SmartBones(R) chews have all the benefits of a rawhide chew without the rawhide – Chewing helps promote healthy teeth.

SmartBones Mini Chews With Real Peanut Butter 24 Count, Rawhide-FreeChews For Dogs (Packaging May Vary)
  • RAWHIDE-FREE: Easy-to-digest dog chews made with wholesome ingredients.
  • REAL PEANUT BUTTER: Made with a vegetable and peanut butter outside wrapped around real chicken inside.
  • EASY TO DIGEST: Highly digestible and 100% delicious.
  • HELPS MAINTAIN HEALTHY TEETH: SmartBones chews have all the benefits of a rawhide chew without the rawhide – chewing helps maintain healthy teeth.
  • BONE SHAPES: 24 fun-shaped chew treats dogs love.

Claudia's Canine Cuisine 24-Piece Peanut Butter Cup Dog Treats

Reminiscent of human peanut butter cups, these delightful little treats are bow-wow divine with their favorite flavor combination of peanut butter and carob. 

The incredible flavor will have your dog doing tricks for these morsels of goodness. 

Like all Claudia’s Canine Cuisine’s gourmet treats, these treats are made in the USA with only the finest USA approved 100-Percent human-grade ingredients.

Claudia'S Canine Cuisine 24-Piece Peanut'S Peanut Butter Cup Dog Treats
  • Made In The Usa With 100-Percent Usa Human-Grade Ingredients
  • Boutique Bakery Peanut Butter And Carob Cups
  • 45 Cookies Per Unit
  • Incredible Aroma And Taste That Dogs Love
  • Approximate Size: 1-Inch Diameter

Canine Naturals Natural Peanut Butter Chew Stick

Canine NaturalsⓇ Hide Free Chews are a healthy and delicious alternative to rawhide products. Their limited ingredient recipe is lab proven to be up to 400% more digestible than rawhide based products

They only use real peanut butter in the chew’s coating to ensure your dog can safely enjoy the irresistible peanut butter flavor they crave. With the 10 pack of our 5” peanut butter chew sticks, they’ll still enjoy plenty of healthy, safe, and satisfying chew time.

Canine Naturals Peanut Butter Chew - Rawhide Free and Dog Treats - Made from Real Peanut Butter - All-Natural and Easily Digestible - 10 Pack of 5 Inch Stick Chews
  • 100% RAWHIDE FREE - Keep your dog healthy and safe with peanut butter chew sticks that are 100% rawhide and collagen free. Your dog deserves the real thing, not by-products and imitations!
  • EASY DIGESTION - Reward your pet with highly digestible limited ingredient chews. Independent lab tests show 400% faster digestion than rawhide based chews.
  • GLUTEN FREE & MADE WITH REAL PEANUT BUTTER - Our healthy peanut butter chews are gluten-free and safe for your furry friend. Made with care and integrity; our healthy chews contain no artificial flavors, colors, or filler ingredients like corn, wheat, or soy. Canine Naturals ingredients are chosen because they're digestible, healthy, and have a flavor dogs love!
  • DENTAL HYGIENE - Beyond just a tasty treat, the long-lasting chew helps clean your dog’s teeth while satisfying their natural chewing instinct
  • FEEDING RECOMMENDATIONS – The 5” chew sticks make a great chew for dogs up to 20lbs and a great daily treat for larger dogs**

Purina Busy Bone-Peanut Butter Flavor

Give your dog something delicious to occupy him with Purina Busy Bone Peanut Butter Flavor medium adult dog treats. 

Their dual-texture dog snack delivers the ultimate chewing adventure with a hard shell surrounding a soft middle to challenge and captivate him.

The enticing taste of natural and artificial peanut butter flavors in our rawhide-free dog treats is sure to keep him happily occupied. 

Purina Busy Bone Made in USA Facilities, Long Lasting Small/Medium Breed Adult Dog Chews, Peanut Butter Flavor - 10 ct. Pouch
  • Enticing Busy Bone small/medium dog treat with Peanut Butter Flavor
  • Long lasting dog treats help clean teeth
  • Dual-textured dog bones for medium dogs with a hard shell and tasty middle
  • Dog chews without rawhide or artificial FD and C colors
  • Help keep your dog occupied with these peanut butter flavored dog treats produced in USA facilities

NutriChomps Dog Chews-Real Peanut Butter Flavor

Made with real chicken and pork skin, NutriChomps are sure to become your dog’s favorite treat.

They are fortified with vitamins and minerals, making them as delicious as they are nutritious.

Along with yummy protein from chicken and pork skin, they have added vitamin E to help boost your dog’s circulatory system health,  manganese sulfate to assist with nervous system function and riboflavin supplements to support skin, eyes, and abdomen health.

Indulging in dog treats has never been so healthy for your pup.

NutriChomps Dog Chews, 6-inch Braids, Easy to Digest, Rawhide-Free Dog Treats, Healthy, 4 Count, Real Peanut Butter Flavor
3,120 Reviews
NutriChomps Dog Chews, 6-inch Braids, Easy to Digest, Rawhide-Free Dog Treats, Healthy, 4 Count, Real Peanut Butter Flavor
  • 100% RAWHIDE FREE: A healthy alternative and safer choice for your dog. This delicious rawhide-free treat is highly digestible and completely edible with no slimy leftovers to clean up. Your pup will love these!
  • ESSENTIAL VITAMINS & MINERALS: Made with natural quality ingredients that will nourish and support your dog’s bodily functions. These high-protein dog chews are fortified with 7 essential vitamins and minerals to help keep your pup feeling great.
  • IRRESISTIBLY DELICIOUS TREATS: These busy bones are fun to eat and great tasting! Real Chicken, Peanut Butter and Milk flavors are ideal for picky eaters. Your dog will beg you for more.

Three Dog Bakery Crunchy Pet-zel Bites with Peanut Butter Filling

Real food for real dogs – that’s what Three Dog Bakery crafts with each and everything they make – ingredients even YOU would actually want to eat; that means no artificial flavors.

They’re slow cooked in small batches right here in the USA.

Whether you have a small, medium, or large size dog, these entrées are sure to get tails wagging. 

Three Dog Bakery Crunchy Pet-zel Bites with Peanut Butter Filling, Premium Treats for Dogs, 24 Ounce Resealable Container
  • Premium Dog Treats: Our Dog Treats Are Packed With Premium Ingredients And No Artificial Flavors, Just Like The Ones You Would Bake For Yourself. Dogs Drool Over Our Peanut Buttery Treats, And The Resealable Container Keeps Them Fresher, Longer.
  • Wholesome & Delicious: Each Tasty Treat Is Baked In The Usa In Small Batches, Packed With High-Quality, Real Ingredients Like Real Creamy Peanut Butter And Malted Barley, Along With Others That You Can Actually Pronounce.
  • Crunchy Reward: Just Like The Peanut Butter Filled You Snack On, Pet-Zels Are A Tasty Favorite For Born Crunchers. Take One Of These On Walks, To The Dog Park, Or At Home To Help Your Puppy Stay Motivated During Training.

Merrick Oven Baked Natural Crunchy Dog Treats

These Oven Baked biscuits are inspired by homemade recipes using ingredients you could find in your own kitchen.

With only 7, real, natural ingredients, you’ll feel good about treating your best friend to something delicious. Just as you would in your own home, these biscuits are handcrafted and slowly baked for a tasty crunch.

As with all of our products, these Oven Baked treats are made in the good old US of A and are free of corn, wheat, soy, and artificial ingredients.

Merrick Oven Baked Dog Treats, Natural Cookies For Dogs, Paw’some P’nut Butter Cookie With Real Peanut Butter - 11 oz. Bag
  • Merrick Oven Baked Dog Treats, Paw’some P’nut Butter Cookie Recipe With Real Peanut Butter, Natural And Crunchy Cookies For Dogs
  • Crunchy peanut butter dog treats made without wheat and hand crafted in small batches and slowly oven baked for a great smell and taste that any dog breed or size will love
  • Bag of treats crafted with natural, real whole foods that you would find in your kitchen like peanut butter and oats. These healthy dog treats are perfect as a dog’s special snack
  • With only 7 ingredients, this is a limited ingredient dog treat that you can use as treats or rewards for dogs. These crunchy dog biscuits can be broken for easy sharing
  • This healthy peanut butter treat recipe is made without corn, soy or wheat and contains no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or by-products. Merrick dog treats are cooked in the USA

Nutro Crunchy Natural Biscuit Dog Treats

NUTRO Crunchy Treats With Real Peanut Butter is perfect for your deserving dog. 

These healthy, peanut butter dog snacks contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Their great taste comes from real peanut butter, whole grains and other natural ingredients.

Nutro Crunchy Dog Treats With Real Peanut Butter, 16 oz. Bag
21,920 Reviews
Nutro Crunchy Dog Treats With Real Peanut Butter, 16 oz. Bag
  • Trusted Sourcing: Nutro always has trusted partnerships with farmers and suppliers to source high-quality ingredients.
  • Quality Ingredients: These crunchy training dog treats contain a high-quality protein source as its foundation and are always made with natural ingredients plus minerals and trace nutrients.
  • Nourishes Well-being: Nutro Crunchy Dog Treats are rich in nutrients, full of flavor, and purposefully designed to add tasty variety and delightful moments between you and your pet.
  • Quality Recipe: These Nutro dog training treats contain no chicken by-product meal, no corn, wheat, or soy protein, and no artificial preservatives or flavors although trace amounts may be present due to potential cross-contact during manufacturing.
  • 5 Calories Per Treat: Nutro Crunchy Dog Treats have 5 calories per treat making it great for training and rewarding your dog.

Buddy Biscuits, Soft & Chewy Treats for Small & Large Dogs

Soft & chewy Buddy Biscuits are palatable with no crunch.

An excellent choice for all dogs, especially older dogs or smaller dogs who prefer a softer treat. Along with indulging your pup, Buddy Soft & Chewy treats are also perfect for training, with a low-calorie count and chock full of flavor to keep your dog motivated. 

Buddy Biscuit Softies 20 oz Pouch, Soft & Chewy, Natural Peanut Butter Flavor Dog Treats, Oven Baked in the USA
6,064 Reviews
Buddy Biscuit Softies 20 oz Pouch, Soft & Chewy, Natural Peanut Butter Flavor Dog Treats, Oven Baked in the USA
  • Made with natural peanut butter
  • Free of corn, soy, artificial flavors and colors
  • Oven baked in the USA
  • Highly palatable and perfect, soft texture

Old Mother Hubbard Classic Crunchy Natural Dog Treats

Old Mother Hubbard Crunchy Classic Natural Dog Treats are wholesome, all natural dog bone shaped dog biscuits oven baked to preserve the natural flavors in all the varieties dogs love to catch, chew and eat. 

These P Nuttier natural dog biscuits feature all natural ingredients, natural flavor with the delicious taste of peanut butter, molasses, apples and carrots, as well as a fun dog bone shape and natural crunch your dog will really enjoy. 

Old Mother Hubbard by Wellness Classic P-Nuttier Natural Dog Treats, Crunchy Oven-Baked Biscuits, Ideal for Training, Mini Size, 20 ounce bag
  • MINI CRUNCHY TREATS: These all natural mini crunchy dog biscuits are made with a taste of peanut butter, apples, carrots, and molasses for a treat your dog will love
  • Crunchy texture helps clean teeth as your pup chews
  • Made in North America using only the finest globally sourced ingredients and no added artififcial preservatives

Shorty's P'Nut Butter, Raw Flavor, 100% Natural Dog Peanut Butter Dog Treats

Shorty’s P’NUT Butter, from New Beginnings Pet Supply is Delicious all natural Peanut Butter for dogs, a healthy dog treat alternative.

Shorty’s P’NUT Butter is loaded with natural fats your dog with benefit from, As well as Protein, Fiber, and Omega 3 Fatty acids. 

Shorty’s P’NUT Butter can be eaten right from the jar or used to hide your dogs least favorite vitamins, or even baked into a tasty little treat! Once your dog try’s Shorty’s P’NUT Butter he wont be back for your boring old Peanut Butter!

Shorty's P'Nut Butter, Raw Flavor, 100 Natural Dog Peanut Butter, Healthy Peanut Butter Dog Treats, Xylitol Free, Stuff in Toy, Made in The USA 17(oz) Jar, 1.06 Pound (Pack of 1)
  • WOOFABLE NATURAL PEANUT BUTTER FOR DOGS -RAW FLAVOR- (Fresh, unsalted peanuts and honey and honey) No hydrogenated oil, palm oil, high fructose corn syrup, stabilizers, xylitol, added sugar or salt. Refrigerate for thicker consistency.
  • DOG TREAT that they love licking from your hand or right out of the jar. Add it on top of their favorite fruit!
  • SPOIL YOUR DOG by making Shorty's P'NUT BUTTER baked dog cookies and/or use to make frozen treats with a silicone mold.

Peanut Butter Filled Cow Hooves for Dogs

Pawstruck is owned and operated right here in the USA. They are a company made up of like-minded dog-lovers who passionately source and develop products they stand behind 100%.

Peanut Butter Filled Cow Hooves for dogs are made right here in the United States of America to ensure the healthiest and safest possible dog chews. Our Midwest processing plant adheres to the strictest of quality assurance standards and sources free range, grass fed cattle. 

Pawstruck Peanut Butter Filled Cow Hooves for Dogs - Made in The USA Dog Dental Treats & Dog Chews Beef Hoof - 5 Count - Packaging May Vary
  • Made in the USA: Our Peanut Butter Filled Cow Hooves for dogs are made right here in the United States of America to ensure the healthiest and safest possible dog chews. Our Midwest processing plant adheres to the strictest of quality assurance standards and sources free range, grass fed cattle. Additionally, our facilities are audited, inspected, and approved by outside 3rd party inspectors.
  • High Quality - These filled dog treats are long-lasting, full-sized, and are a great alternative to rawhide. Before roasting each of our cow hoofs for dogs, we take the time to carefully trim and thoroughly clean them ensuring a premium low-odor product that your dog will love.
  • Dog dental care is important. These hard dog dental chews help to remove and clean away harmful plaque and tartar leading to improvements in overall dental and gum health. Let your dog or puppy chew on these baked dental treats and watch your pet's teeth sparkle. Our beefy hooves are the best and top rated for a reason!

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