Safari Halloween Costumes for your Dog

We're taking a walk on the wild side with these Safari Dog Costumes for Halloween. Lions, Tiger, Elephants and Crocodiles are a must see on this adventure.

Lion Costumes for Dogs

These lion costumes was roar-some! 

These furry manes will make you do a second glance on a large dog like a golden retriever or black labrador. 

We are also in love with the little lion cubs too.

Tiger Costumes for Dogs

Be careful – It’s a jungle out there while trick or treating on Halloween!

Zebra Costume for Dogs

We’re seeing stripes!

This Halloween costume is perfect for the dog that does not want to be spotted.


Rhino Costume for Dogs

Giraffe Costumes for Dogs

For the little one that wants to stand tall…. these Giraffe costumes for dogs are a neck up!

Bird Costumes for Dogs

This im-peck-able Bird costume for dogs will certainly confuse the birds your dog is always barking at.

Peacock Costumes for Dogs

If your dog love attention, it can fluff it’s tail feathers with this Peacock Costume for Dogs.

Elephant Costumes for Dogs

They say an elephant never forgets. What they don’t tell you is, you never forget an elephant.

Especially when they look this cute in this elephant costume for dogs.

Monkey Costume for Dogs

What’s all this Monkey business?

The adorable Money Costume for Dogs will have your dog swinging from the branches.

Hippopotamus Costume for Dogs

Why can you always trust a hippopotamus?
~ Because hips don’t lie

Hip-Hip Hooray of these Hippopotamus Costumes for Dogs.

Tortoise Costume for Dogs

For the slower dog in your life, a tortoise outfit. 

They may be slow, but they always win the race… in the end.

Sloth Costume for Dogs

This Sloth Halloween dog costume is perfect for your pup who’s SUPER slow… or in irony … for the pup that likes to zip around the house.


Flamingo Costume for Dogs

Your pup is flocking fabulous and will be tickled pink with a flamingo dog costume.

Skunk Costume for Dogs

This Skunk Halloween costume is perfect for your little stinker.

Smell you later!

Crocodile Costume for Dogs

You croc my world!

Oh snap! These crocodile Halloween Costumes for Dogs look awfully sharp!

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