Top 10 Halloween Dog Costumes for 2023

What are the most popular dog costumes in 2023? See Halloween dog costume trends based on 2023 popular movies, characters and events.

We’ve rounded up the best new dog Halloween costume ideas to remember 2023! Grab one of these dog costumes for your pup to be the hit at your Halloween parties and neighborhood walks!

#10: Delivery UPS and USPS Dog Costumes

As seen on Shark Tank, these delivery dog costumes are still bringing the laughter to your Halloween party.

#9: Little Mermaid Dog Costumes

The Little Mermaid splashed into the Top 10 movies of 2023 and became a new winning dog costume this year.

#8: Top Gun Dog Costume

Tom Cruise came back for more high-flying adventures in the Top Gun sequel.  Dress your dog up as Maverick in this bomber and classic aviators.

#7: Star Wars Dog Costumes

Darth Vader and Yoda will have an epic battle in a galaxy far far away with the human Halloween Star Wars costumes and dog Star Wars costumes.

#6: Elvis Dog Costumes

Another hit at the box office, Elvis is perfect for the dog who likes PB and Banana sandwiches.

#5: Harry Potter Dog Costumes

Harry Potter dog costumes never go out of style. 

#4: Mario Brothers Dog Costumes

Let’s go!  Dress your dogs up in these iconic Mario Brothers dog costumes. 

Peach, you’re so cool, and with my star, we’re gonna rule.

#3: Wednesday Addams Dog Costumes

Dress your dog up as Wednesday Addams… the perfect dog costume for the Addams Family.

#2: Taylor Swift Inspired Dog Costumes

Taylor Swift reigned over 2023 with her epic Eras concert tour. Keep the music playing with these glittery sequin Taylor Swift dog costumes and dresses. 

#1: Barbie Dog Costumes

The talk of 2023…. Barbie!

Hello Barbie, let’s go party with these iconic dog costumes perfect in pink… And of course Ken too!

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