Cinco de Mayo Dog Toys

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Cinco de Mayo Dog Toys
Cinco de Mayo Dog Toys

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Let's Taco bout' it! Mexican heritage inspired toys will delight your dog on Cinco de Mayo.

We’ve rounded up a fun selection of plush & interactive toys. From tacos, hot sauce, tequila, and burrito snuffle mats, there is a ton of fun in this Cinco de Mayo selection of dog toys.

Taco Dog Toys

Does your dog steal your tacos? This plush taco dog toy will give your pup something to chew on.

Hot Sauce Dog Toys

Ay Chihuahua, these hot sauce dog toys and spicy!

Corona Dog Toys

The dogs call it Grrona!

Tequila inspired Dog Toys

Jose Perro has a great selection at his bar. From margaritas, tequila nd the drunk worm, we found plush toys for your dogs.

Pinata Dog Toys

These pinata plush dog toys add some colorful fun to Cinco de Mayo.

Cactus Dog Toys

No spikes here. The plush cactus toys offer a soft touch.

Cactus Teething Toys

These cactus inspired teething toys are great for keeping your dogs strong and healthy.

Taco Snuffle Mat

Let your dog loose in these burrito and taco inspired snuffle mats to find all the treats this Cinco de Mayo.

Cinco de Mayo Interactive Dog Toys

These interactive dog toys take burritos and taco trucks into the fun zone.

Refillable Catnip Dog Toys

These Mexican inspired refillable catnip dog toys will keep your dog calm.

Cinco de Mayo Dog Toys

Can’t decide? Try out these multi-pack plush toys from Amazon to give your dog the ultimate Cinco de Mayo.

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