July 4th Dog Toys

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July 4th Dog Toys - Patriotic Dog Gear
July 4th Dog Toys - Patriotic Dog Gear

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Patriotic toys add fun for your dog on the 4th of July. From Red, White and Blue Plush toys and Rope Toys to hamburgers and hot dogs, we found dog toy sure to make every American dog happy

Red, White & Blue - American Flag dog toys

The good ol’ red, white and blue adorn these fun plush toys.

BBQ themed dog toys

Everyone loves hamburgers, hotdogs, corndogs and more at the annual backyard BBQ.  Try these plush dog toy versions for a fun play toy for your dog.

Corn on the Cob Dog Toy

Who doesn’t love eating corn on the cob like a typewriter?

Your dog will too with these dog toy versions. You can smear PB on them or use as a toothbrush for cleaning too!

Red, White & Blue Rope Dog Toys

Have a fun tug-o-war with your dog on the 4th of July with these American rope toys.

USA Tennis Balls for Dogs

More red, white and blue to stream through the air in a game of fetch with your dog at the park on July 4th.

Cooling Rocket Dog Toy

Every kid loved these growing up! Your pup can now try one too. A special cooling toy for hot 4th of July’s.

Watermelon Dog Toys

Another favorite of the backyard BBQ – Watermelon. Try out these plush version with your dog.

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