July 4th Dog Treats

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July 4th Dog Treats - Patriotic Dog Gear
July 4th Dog Treats - Patriotic Dog Gear

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Tasty dog treats are essential on 4th of July to keep your dog's tail wagging. From gourmet dog cookies to burger treats, we've rounded up a selection fit for the best BBQ in town.

4th of July Gourmet Cookies Dog Treats

Need a gift to take over to the BBQ for 4th of July? If they have dogs consider some gourmet dog cookies. If the neighbors still don’t like you, at least their dogs will.

Operation Drool Overload Dog Treats

Muttmallow dog treats that will make your dog drool on 4th of July.

Burger Dog Treats

You don’t even have to fire up the grill for your dog to enjoy these burger inspired dog treats for 4th of July.

Meat Dog Treats

These meat inspired dog treats will keep your dog well-trained while you BBQ.

Apple Pie Dog Treats

Is 4th of July complete without a slice of apple pie?  Give you dog a taste of the summertime goodness with the Apple Pie flavored dog treats.

Milk-bone Dog Treats

Milkbone dog treats are a classic choice with tubs to last the summer.

Apple Dog Treats

A great and healthy summertime treat – Apples. Try out these apple dog treats for a real crunchy treat.

Red, White and Blue - Berries Dog Treats

Strawberries and Blueberries dog treats will add the patriotic touch to your dog’s day.

Rawhide Dog Treats

These rawhide dog treats will keep your dog occupied while you are busy BBQ’ing.

Calming Dog Treats

Fireworks on the 4th of July can cause some anxiousness in our dogs. Check out these HIGHLY-rated calming chews.

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