Valentine’s Day Dog Sweaters & Coats

Our hearts are warm with dog love, but it's still chilly in February. Keep your dog warm and snug with the Valentine's Day themed dog sweaters, hoodies, coats and jackets.

Heart Valentine's Day Dog Sweaters

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” – Josh Billings

These heart sweaters are the perfect fit for the dogs we love.

Heart Patterned Valentine's Day Dog Sweaters

Hearts galore adorn these heart themed sweaters in all shades of pink and red.

Love Valentine's Day Dog Sweaters

Our one true love – our dog!

Fair Isle Valentine's Day Dog Sweaters

These Fair Isle patterned dog heart sweaters bring hearts to a new level.  

Red Valentine's Day Dog Sweaters

The color of the day – these red dog sweaters are perfect for Valentine’s day and beyond.

Pink Valentine's Day Dog Sweaters

On Wednesday’s we wear pink!  These sweet pink dog sweaters will keep your dog warm this February.

Striped Valentine's Day Dog Sweaters

Yikes – stripes!  We love the pinks and reds in this selection of striped dog sweaters to show all the love.

Valentine's Day Dog Hoodies

These dog hoodies with cute patterns and cute saying from “Free Kisses” to “All you Need is Love” will add an extra broad smile to all you see your dog.

Pink Valentine's Day Dog Coats & Jackets

This selection of pink dog coats and jackets will keep really keep things snug and warm on Valentine’s Day despite the weather.

Red Valentine's Day Dog Coats & Jackets

Wearing red on Valentine’s Day is a popular tradition that is believed to symbolize passion and romance. 

Valentine's Day Dog Dresses

A sweet dress for your sweet dog. These heart sweater dog dresses are perfect for your sweet miss!

Valentine's Day Sweaters - Multi-pack

Need a few dog sweaters for many dogs or messy ones? These multi-pack in Valentine’s day colors and themes will save the day!

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