Take your Dog to Work Day

The first Friday after Father's Day is Take your Dog Work day, a day to share your joyful dog with your co-workers in the office.

Take Your Dog to Work Day was created by Pet Sitters International and was first celebrated in 1999.

This group created the day to encourage businesses to allow dogs in the workplace for one Friday each year to celebrate dogs as companions and promote their adoptions from local shelters, rescue groups, and humane societies.

Suit & Tie Dog Costumes

Put on your lucky tie and get ready to BE a big deal at the office.

Matching Dog & Owner: The Boss shirts

While you think your “The Boss”, we know who “The Real Boss” is.

These matching dog and owner shirts will be a hit when you bring your dog to the office.

Business Casual

Business casual Friday or every day at some offices. Grab a relaxed polo shirt for your dog to take him into the office today.

For the Tech Crowd Dog Outfits

Grab your favorite hoodies or plaid shirt to go into office in the techie world.

Get your Paws Dirty Dog Outfits

These dogs are ready for blue-collar jobs and ready to get their paws dirty with hard work!

Really Casual Hawaiian Dog Shirts

Grab your favorite Hawaiian shirt and match your dog in a REALLY casual day at the office.

On the Water Dog Outfit

These cute dog sailor outfits are great for anyone working near the water.

Teacher Dog Outfit

No one will blame your dog for being the Teacher’s pet, when he/she is the Teacher’s pet!

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