New Year’s Eve Dog Costume & Outfits

Don't leave out your dog when you dress up on New Year's Eve or other formal occasions like weddings. We've curated a list of tuxedos, bow-ties, top-hats and more for a spiffy look for your dog.

Tuxedo Dog Costume

These handsome dog tuxedo’s will set your pup apart on New Year’s Eve, Weddings and another other special occasion.

Striped Tuxedo Dog Costume

Add some sophistication to your dog’s tuxedo ensemble with these striped versions.

Grey Tuxedo Dog Costume

A grey dog tuxedo is great for New Year’s and also daytime formal events for a spiffy look for your best friend.

Puppy Tuxedo Costume

Puppies need formal attire too! These puppy dog tuxedos make your dog even more adorable… if possible!

New Years Girl Dog Dress - Black

These girl dogs just want to have fun!  From a Breakfast at Tiffany’s look to gold glitter, your dog will sparkle on New Year’s Eve and other formal events.

Girl Dog Dress - White

These girl dogs are perfect for black and white parties!  They can also be used for doggie bridesmaid dresses at for people wedding or dog weddings!

Bowtie and Cufflinks Dog Costume

For the dog who does not like shirts and clothing, how about a bowtie dog collar and these cute cufflinks?

Dog Top Hats & Headbands

A tip of the tophat adds just the fun look for your dog!

Happy New Year's Dog Shirt

These New Year’s Eve dog shirts are a simple and inexpensive way to let your dog celebrate on New Year’s with your family and friends.

New Years Eve Dog Bandanas

A change-up in your dog’s bandana will let everyone know your dog is ready for it’s New Year’s dog kiss… aka slobberin’.

Dog Tuxedo Bandana

A dog tuxedo bandana is another way to add a little spunk to your dog’s step without a lot of fuss!

Bow Tie Dog Collars

Your dog will adore these bow tie dog collars to dress up on New Year’s Eve or a wedding event.

Funny Dog Tuxedo Dog Costume

Does someone have a sense of humor?

These funny dog costumes will have your guests in giggles as your dog struts his stuff on New Year’s Eve or down the aisle at a wedding.

Light Up Dog Collars

Waiting for the fireworks or the stroke of midnight after dark?  

Add some light to the situation with these light-up dog collars.

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